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Takahiro Kawano was born on February 3, 1962, at 12:07 pm, as the eldest son of a local government employee in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture. As a child, he preferred to stay indoors and draw, rather than play outside. In the evenings, he would light a lamp by his pillow and draw robots and other works in his notebook, hiding them under his futon every time his mother entered the room. Despite being encouraged by his mother to pursue his interest in drawing, this habit continued until he became a high school student.

He became popular among his friends for imitating manga characters' drawings.

He aspired to become a manga artist in junior high school and joined the art club of the manga enthusiasts at his high school at the invitation of his friend. However, he later shifted his focus from manga to art after discovering his talent in oil painting and drawing.

He aimed to attend an art college, but he failed the entrance exam. He took a year off and studied on his own before coming to Tokyo and entering an art college. While in college, he played rugby and was passionate about participating in a rock band. Although he graduated without fully establishing his artistic style, he was satisfied with his graduation work.

After graduation, he lost his creative drive and failed to enter graduate school. He spent an extra year at the university and eventually became a salaried worker, but faced many difficulties in his career. Despite working hard, he suffered from overwork and burned out at a highly successful company. In other jobs, he struggled to keep up with the work and fit in.

At the age of 35, he discovered the image of abstract art and continued to draw while working as a salaryman. He held a solo exhibition at the Salem Gallery in New York around the age of 40, but his popularity did not rise.

At some point, he had to rely on welfare to make a living. In September 2020, he moved to "Toho Village," where he blossomed his talent. His current works are unbelievably powerful and fast-paced.

He declared, "I will create true art that moves people" when he was a first-year high school student. He is currently striving to achieve this goal.

my policy

I will not sell my paintings to those who purchase artwork for investment purposes.

artist statement

I am an abstract painter who draws intangible images coming down from the universe onto the canvas.

As a child, I was quiet and preferred reading books and drawing pictures indoors to playing outside.

When I studied oil painting at Aichi University of the Arts, I mainly drew portraits.

After a long slump following graduation, around the age of 35, I suddenly became able to create abstract forms within a plane and naturally began to draw abstract paintings.

Creating shapes and colors according to my thoughts without being bound by visible concrete forms is a very enjoyable experience.

When I was 35 years old, I created paintings primarily in white using "fude pens" (made by Pentel), laying the pen flat on the surface and drawing as if painting with oils. I combined the pens with pencils, markers, and pastels to complete the artwork.

Gradually, I began to draw with acrylic paint on large paper, and around mid-September 2020, oil paintings on canvas and pencil drawings on Japanese paper and postcards became the main focus of my work.

My paintings do not have complex techniques, and I believe that by directly running the brush on the screen, they can directly appeal to people's emotions.

I aim to awaken the energy of the vibrant hearts that each person holds within them by drawing paintings that can touch the hearts of as many people as possible, and return to their daily lives from that inspiration, leading a healthy and energetic life.

About Takahiro Kawano

河野 隆尋

Birth date: February , 1962 
Hometown: Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Address: Asakura Gun, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan


Presentation history:

Salem Gallery in New York in 2008 and several other solo exhibitions. No accurate record

Currently in the event venues in Fukuoka prefecture and Saga prefecture irregularly opening stores

Blog :

Takahiro Kawano Museum (Location: Mt. Hoju, Toho Village, Asakura District, Fukuoka Prefecture) :

I am practicing an attempt to distribute what I can do to achieve a world without money (utopianism).


Therefore, regardless of the size of the work, the price is zero yen.


No need to worry, if you take my work home with you, you will automatically receive love as currency from you. I


deally, if you and others do what you can, such a world will eventually come, but for now, I am in a state where I have to pay for frames and other expenses out of my own pocket.


However, currently, we are still in the midst of capitalism.


Naturally, money is required to obtain materials and other costs.


Therefore, as long as you empathize with my activities, I would appreciate your support by providing your surplus from your own life.


The description on the receipt will be labeled as "creative activity expenses."


Yucho Bank, Branch 748, Account No. 2427395, Takahiro Kawano.

Please donate 1 yen or more to the above account.

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