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Takahiro Kawano draws the "dynamic" of the abstract world before Cosmo (space and order) on the canvas.


That dynamic movement is a crush and energy of energy that wants to show up in a world with form.


It inspires him and lights the soul as a painter.


He takes a brush as his impulse and heads to the screen.


"Dynamic" manifests itself in the canvas through his whole body.


Works born in this manner are full of energy, sufficient for the power to express themselves.


It stimulates "something" hiding behind the viewer's mind.


It trembles the emotion of that person, it becomes dynamic and impulsive, and creates "something" that is original to that person.

my policy

I don't sell my work to you.

I am more grateful for the money that supports my creative activities.

I will present the work to you as a reward.

This is how money should be in my art.

About Takahiro Kawano

河野 隆尋

Birth date: February 3, 1962 12:07 PM
Hometown: Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Address: Asakura Gun, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts Graduated from Oil painting department of art department


Presentation history:

Salem Gallery in New York in 2008 and several other solo exhibitions. No accurate record

Currently in the event venues in Fukuoka prefecture and Saga prefecture irregularly opening stores

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