How to refuse when we are forced to ○○○cinate.

Listen to the ingredients of the vaccine

Does it contain MRC-5?

Please ask

MRC-5 is what is included in all ○○○cinates!

It is a dead fetal cell.

[Miscarriage and death

Fetal cells & DNA

Point and confirm this

The right to refuse

It will occur. ]

If you have a doctor

Speaking of which, is there an emetic reaction?

Please ask

⇒ This is an adverse reaction <

It is phytotoxicity & side effects>

Has side effects

When the doctor said,

You don't have to hit it at that moment!

If there is a possibility of side effects, I will refuse.

Use jargon

* What is emetic?

Cause vomiting *


Listen to the Hippocratic Oath

All doctors have taken the Hippocratic Oath.

⇒ What is Hippocratic Oath?

Doctor harms patient

There is absolutely no thing

I have an oath.


Check if MRC-5 is included

By any chance side effects

Check for presence

Courage and ask

Confirm Hippocratic Oath

Take advantage of this syllogism!

Be sure to check the above

Side effects occur by any chance

If the doctor acknowledges the possibility,

For that medical practice

Vaccine us

You have the right to decline.

These are jargon.

Make sure this is a doctor

By telling

Quiet without conflict

You can leave the room.

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