I am very sleepy. Is it because of Lions Gate?

"Brain police"

"Mountain wrath"

Mixed media on paper

These dimensions are slightly larger than A4

I lost my important invoice postcard.

When I called the call center about it, I was scolded by the lady in charge.


"Please resend."

Today I was doing all the chores.

Some books said that pornography should be done about once a week.

So I decided to put it into practice.

The little cactus on my desk is dying.

I don't know what to do with him.

Yesterday I decorated a rose on a single wheel on the table. I feel very good.

I haven't talked to anyone in the last few days.

YouTube is boring.

So I'm looking at someone else's blog.

I also don't feel like reading Kindle books.

For the first time, I made an attempt to use watercolors on Japanese paper.

It feels good.

I will have to borrow my salary in advance next month as I will not have a security guard job until August 16th.

I have to save August and September to live.

The only whiskey I can buy is Ballantine's.

But I'm happy because I can drink alcohol.

This month I unplannedly bought too many books, art supplies and stationery.

I just don't starve.

see you.

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