Many things happen.

I was tired.

I often have holidays these days because it's a work that is influenced by the weather, but I'm tired for some reason.

I was shocked yesterday, so I can't remember what else I spent.

I should forget it early.

I seem to be using energy to reconstruct my memories with the man who shocked me.

Because he was a very important man to me.

I burned the letter from him.

I also erased his address.

I don't care about my past.

I have always lived that way.

I wrote it here and it calmed down a little.

I have plenty of time until morning today.

So as usual, I introspect and keep a diary.

The past I didn't care about is actually necessary for my introspection.

Since I came to Toho Village, my address book is getting smaller and smaller.

I throw away the people I don't need.

My younger brother is also the target, but since I am a salaryman, I need it as an emergency contact, so I will leave it.

Only a few friends are fine.

I seem to be relieved in my heart yesterday.

it was good.

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